End of Lease Options

When Your Nissan Lease Ends, You Have Choices


You sought out the lower monthly payments of a Nissan lease, only didn't put much thought into what would happen come lease's end. Instead, you indulged in all the performance, technology and refined pleasures the Nissan brand presents; you took advantage of the Nissan Rogue's flexibility or the Nissan Sentra's innovative features, but now that your final few leasing months are upon you, you have a big decision to make: Are you going to buy, lease, return or keep?


To make things easier for you, we at Imperio Nissan of Garden Grove are happy to highlight your end-of-lease options:

Get a New Nissan


Once your Nissan passes an inspection completed by our seasoned service associates and all outstanding debts are paid, you can either loan or lease another new Nissan. With our Nissan Owner Loyalty Offers, we make this an attractive process to take. Not only are you likely set up with affordable payment terms, but we'll help you save even more by waiving  wear and use charges.


Keep Your Nissan


Fall in love with your leased Nissan model? Easily make it yours.  By purchasing it, you can avoid excess mileage, wear, and use charge. All you are responsible for is the predetermined purchase option price, which likely is considerably low.


Return Your Nissan


Not quite sure exactly what you want to do yet? You have the option to just return your Nissan vehicle and give some more thought into your next step, and when you're ready to start looking at vehicles again, freely peruse our new or used inventories, where at least one model will likely suit your needs.


Don't panic over your lease coming to a close, and instead celebrate all the opportunities you have before you. Should you have any questions or perhaps are ready to make some end-of-lease moves, pay our finance center here in Garden Grove a visit, where we are just a quick drive over from Fullerton, Santa Ana and Anaheim.

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